Broadway International Food
The taste that always make you feel home

  Even you are a fifth generations immigrant, taste of European food should be in your genes.

We "cook" this connection Between people and continents, countries and generations.

Salads Platter  &  Appetizers 
Beet Salad Beef Tongue platter
Carrot Salad Chicken Julien 
Catalina salad Platter Chicken Kholodets
Cheese Salad Chicken Roll Platter
Chicken Pate Crepes mushroom torte 
Crab Meat Salad Crepes seafood torte 
Egg Salad Duck Platter
Exclusive Salad French Blintz platter
Exotic Salad Liver Torte
Farshmak Mushroom Julien w/smoked cheese
Greek Salad Russian Sushi Platter
Happy Salad Smoked fish platter 12"/16"      
Healthy Salad Smoked Meat platter
Israel Salad Sour pickle Platter
Kani Salad Stuffed eggs Platter w/c. liver or salm.
King's Salad Stuffed sturgeon 
Korean Carrot Salad Stuffed Tomato Platter
Lobio  Georgian Style
Mushroom salad Meat Dishes
Olivie Chicken lulya
Olivie special Chicken shish kebab
Picante Salad Crowned Lam (Chalahach)
Primorski Salad Lamb lulya
Ruby Salad Lamb shish kebab
Salad Bagrasion Lamb stew w/vegetables
Shuba Pork shish kebab
Shuba Platte Round Rabbit in Puff pastry
Shuba Platte SM Rabbit in whit Sauce
Solnechniy Salad Roasted Leg of Lamb B/I
Spring Salad Roasted pork chops
Tuna Salad Stuffed Chicken
Turkish Salad Stuffed Duck
Veal Tongue Salad Stuffed Goose
Vinegrete Stuffed Piglet
Stuffed Quail
Fish Dishes Stuffed rabbit
Baked Sturgeon/whole Sweet & sour Beef
Baked trout w/shrimps & rice
Basa or Salmon shish kebab Hot side Dishes
Grilled Salmon Baked potato
Salmon in puff pastry w/julienne Fried potato w/mushrooms
Salmon julien Fruit Pilaf
Salmon strudel w/mushrooms & shrimps Mixed vegetables
Seafood pasta Alfredo/white sauce Vegetable pancakes
Sturgeon Shish kebab Vegetable pilaf
Yang potato
Pierogi & Blintzes
Domashnie Khachapuri
Gergian Khachapuri
                         Perogi w/cabbage                             
                         Perogi w/Meat                                    
                         Perogi w/Potato